January 17, 2018 dan@danherman.ca
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Government Can, Business Must When It Comes to Innovation

Over the past several months, most articles on Canada’s weak innovation and commercialization performance have focused on the role of government and what programs and initiatives our new federal government can offer to improve business research and development (R&D) spending and, hopefully, commercialization. There’s no doubt government has an important role to play in setting […]
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A quick primer on Canadian innovation

Here’s a quick primer on Canada’s Innovation System as presented to the Canada-Japan Future Forum hosted by the Centre for International Governance Innovation. The event brought together policy makers, academics and business leaders to discuss entrepreneurship and innovation in both countries.   A Primer on Canada’s Innovation System from danxherman
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Do we understand why we have an innovation and commercialization problem in Canada?

At the heart of pretty much every article on Canada’s innovation performance (a rather disastrous performance) is a focus on government and what programs and initiatives the government can offer to improve business R&D spending and, hopefully, commercialization. Barrie McKenna’s piece in this weekend’s Globe is case in point: “Ottawa needs to put innovation high […]
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How Canada can nurture growth through tech and innovation

Returning to 24 Sussex Drive on the promise of real change, prime-minister-designate Justin Trudeau will be under pressure to deliver quickly. On the economy, this means implementing immediate and meaningful changes to Canada’s economic and innovation strategies. To overcome the realities of slow growth, depressed resource prices and a generally lethargic business environment, he cannot […]
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